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AI-Powered Evolution in Clinical Data Management: Unlocking Efficiency and Quality

FREE INDUSTRY WEBINAR · May 22, 2024, 08:00 AM PDT | 11:00 AM EST | 17:00 CET | 20:30 IST
AI-Powered Evolution in Clinical Data Management: Unlocking Efficiency and Quality

    Session Overview: Join this webinar for an enlightening conversation on the transformative potential of SDQ and Patient Insights to drive innovation and accelerate clinical trials.

    Attendees will learn about the real life examples of how Taiho successfully improved their data management efficiency by implementing AI-driven solutions. This webinar will allow you understand the downstream benefits Taiho experiences for sites and medical monitors by reviewing data and gaining insights in real time.

Taiho Pharmaceuticals is leading the charge in the evolution of clinical data management with cutting-edge automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations of Smart Data Quality (SDQ), ushering in a shift towards continuous, predictable, and comprehensive data reviews.

This webinar delves deep into Taiho's experience of leveraging AI-driven automation through the integration of SDQ into their data management process, and its profound impact on improving data quality and accelerating data review timelines. By harnessing SDQ's innovative features, such as AI-assisted data reviews, an integrated rule builder, pre-generated query text, and more, Taiho has experienced improvements in the speed and efficiency of its data review process.

The webinar will also highlight the collaborative and comprehensive data review process enabled for data managers and medical reviewers through the combined use of SDQ and Patient Insights. Facilitated by groundbreaking generative AI chat functionality, process automation, and task management, the Saama platform fosters an efficient and collaborative data review process between cross-functional teams.

Taiho will also share the clinical data review process change they undertook to take advantage of AI-driven automation and how they incorporated SDQ and Patient Insights into existing workflows, enabling enhanced efficiency and less reliance on programming resources.

      What You'll Learn
  • Gain insights into the challenges Taiho faced in their previous data management process and understand their decision to turn to an AI-driven solutions.
  • Explore the key capabilities of Saama’s Smart Data Quality (SDQ) and its impact on accelerating data review processes – while improving data quality.
  • Understand the value of using SDQ and Patient Insight together to enable a truly collaborative and efficient data review process between data management and medical review teams.
  • Learn about the organizational changes needed to integrate SDQ and Patient Insights into existing workflows and maximize the benefits of improving efficiency and accelerating trials.
Who Should Attend
The webinar is addressed to all levels: CCDA, CCDM, CCDS

Please note this is a sponsored industry webinar, and therefore content will be commercially oriented. During the registration process, you will be asked to indicate whether you agree that your fist name, last name, email address and company details provided in the registration form can be shared with the webinar sponsor, Saama.

Meet the Speakers
Olek Czepla
Executive Director of Data Management
Taiho Oncology
Olek Czepla has nearly 25 years of experience as a clinical data management executive in the life sciences industry. Olek is currently at Taiho Pharmaceuticals, where he is the Executive Director of Data Management, where he leads diverse teams on a variety of extremely competitive projects.  Prior to joining Taiho, Olek worked at Bayer and Clinsys Clinical Research, where he began his career. Olek received his MS in Econometrics and Statistics from University of Gdansk in Poland.
Derek Lawrence
Senior Director of Business Enablement
Derek is the Senior Director of Business Enablement at Saama and has over 14 years of experience in clinical research, with strong focus in biometrics, programming, systems implementation & integration, and software development. Prior to joining Saama, Derek spent his career in the CRO & software development spaces, where he supported Data Management and Biometrics activities in multiple roles. An enthusiastic advocate for change & innovation, he helps drive the adoption of new processes & tools in CDM and CDS.

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