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Smart Automation Today for a Better AI Future

FREE WEBINAR 29.11.2023 , 08:00 AM PDT | 11:00 AM EST | 17:00 CET | 20:30 IST
Smart Automation Today for a Better AI Future
    Session Overview: During this webinar, we outline the definition, risk, and use cases of AI, ML and automation to separate hype from value. We will also explore how an automation-first approach builds a foundation of reliable, quality data that is key to a success journey with advances technologies.

AI was a hot topic throughout SCDM Live 2023, and for good reason given the huge opportunity it represents for drug development. There is also a lot of hype around AI/ML. What are the practical, fit-for-purpose use cases today for AI, ML, and automation? What can we achieve with automation? And with language so important to our collective understanding, do we have a common vernacular around AI, ML, and automation -- and an understanding of their differences?

Attendees will understand the definitions, risks, and benefits of AI, ML, and automation, and their differences and learn how foundational automation delivers the clean data that underpins clinical trial success.

By participating in this webinar, attendees will:
  • Gain a much-needed common language around AI.
  • Learn intentional usage and expectations for AI vs ML.
  • Understand what is possible in the next year vs 5 years from now.
  • Detect hype from practical value, sooner.
  • Make the case internally for future-forward use cases.

  What You'll Learn
  • Unique definitions of AI, ML, automation, NLP, and LLMs
  • Risks and benefits for each
  • Critical thinking on fit-for-purpose use cases
  • Practical examples of intelligent automation
Who Should Attend
This webinar is appropriate for intermediate CDMs.

Please note this is a sponsored industry webinar, and therefore content will be commercially oriented. During the registration process, you will be asked to indicate whether you agree that your fist name, last name, email address and company details provided in the registration form can be shared with the webinar sponsor, Veeva Systems.

Meet the Speaker
Edward Jones
Senior Director of CDB Strategy
Veeva Systems
Edward Jones is the Senior Director, CDB Strategy where he is responsible for defining and delivering the strategic vision for CDB. He possesses almost 20 years of experience in the life sciences industry, gained with the likes of the MHRA (via Accenture), Phase Forward, Oracle HSGBU, and ICON, and has worked on both service delivery and technology implementation in the areas of data capture and stats & programming. Edward holds a PhD in Biochemistry/Immunology.

Magda Jaśkowska
Global Director/Leader of TA for Oncology in Data Strategy and Management
Mrs. Jaskowska for over 10 years has been engaged with data management in clinical trials (R&D), working both for CRO and the largest pharmaceutical companies. She currently holds the position of Global Director/Leader of TA for Oncology in Data Strategy and Management department at GSK. She has extensive experience in managing portfolios of research projects at both the global operations and business level, such as change management and implementing innovative solutions and processes in departments and managing an international team. In her current position, she manages a team of nearly 50 managers and leaders at various levels, operating in the field of oncology.

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