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Let's Hear It for the "Human-in-the-Loop" - AI/ML and The Data Manager

FREE WEBINAR · September 28, 2023, 08:00 AM PDT | 11:00 AM EST | 17:00 CET | 20:30 IST
Let’s Hear It for the “Human-in-the-Loop” – AI/ML and The Data Manager
    Session Overview: During this webinar attendees will gain deeper insight into how to leverage AI/ML tools to enhance and accelerate existing clinical data management processes.

Clinical development understands the value of AI/ML and there is intent to shift from hype to reality, with companies working to operationalize strategies. Still, many are relatively early in the adoption curve. “Human intervention” often enters industry conversation around AI/ML at a high level, in the context of regulatory guidance, oversight, or job security. But AI adoption means getting more specific about the human’s role – which includes providing necessary supervision and reducing risk, but also fine-tuning models, actioning decisions and finding new, efficient ways to work smarter using this intelligence.

Enter the Data Manager – the data steward and THE key human in the loop for so many of clinical development’s practical AI/ML applications. This webinar will discuss what the human in the loop is expected to do with AI/ML, their user experience, and the value at the practitioner level.

  What You'll Learn
  • Bring AI/ML to the forefront for data management – take the conversation out of the hypothetical and into reality with perspectives from data managers using AI today.
  • Understand clinically relevant AI use cases, and how a data manager uses these outputs to augment their data review.
  • How AI-enabled data review can evolve and accelerate the typical workflow for future-readiness.
  • Take a deeper dive into how data management informs, adopts, and utilizes artificial intelligence.
Who Should Attend
This webinar will be beneficial to CCDM and CCDS.

Please note this is a sponsored industry webinar, and therefore content will be commercially oriented. During the registration process, you will be asked to indicate whether you agree that your fist name, last name, email address and company details provided in the registration form can be shared with the webinar sponsor, eClinical Solutions.

Meet the Speaker
Diane Lacroix
VP, Clinical Data Management
eClinical Solutions
Diane Lacroix is a data management professional and leader with over 20 years in the pharmaceutical/CRO industry. As VP, Clinical Data Management at eClinical Solutions, Diane is responsible for leading the data management function including building effective process and implementation strategies to ensure that clients receive maximum value and quality from the elluminate driven data services that Diane’s team delivers. Diane’s career in data management has included numerous leadership roles both at service providers and on the sponsor side. She has worked on all aspects of global trials from study start-up through to database closure and submission leading and managing successful teams and projects to ensure high quality and on-time delivery of clinical data assets. Diane has deep expertise in the oncology and rare disease therapeutic areas and in data management technologies including EDC (Electronic Data Capture) systems and integration and analytics technology platform like elluminate.
Sandy Ng
VP, Data Science
eClinical Solutions
Sandy Ng is the VP of Data Science at eClinical Solutions. Her team collaborates closely with internal and external stakeholders to bring humans-in-the-loop AI/ML solutions to life science problems. She holds a doctorate in engineering and is experienced with building data science products for cardiovascular and neurological applications at startup and midsized medical device companies and at academic medical centers. For the past five years, she has been focused on AI/ML applications to healthcare payer and provider data and clinical trials data.

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